The WHY Behind the Brand

Who We Are

As a mom, a sister, daughter, niece, friend, and most importantly a woman our CEO Elondastyles, knows the limits we can place on ourselves with the words we speak. In knowing this dilemma that happens all too often, the Elondastyles Brand is here to meet the moment and fill the need.


With a love for fashion & a passion for people, our MISSION is to use the power of words to speak life into you, fill your cup, gas you up & always pour into you as you invest in us! 


Consider us your "motivational hype man."  We are the brand that uses fashion & style to remind you of your worth just in case you forget or someone else needs a reminder!


 We are here to provide you with the necessary tools you need in order to transition through life in STYLE, while remembering your worth should never be measured by your waistline. 


At, Elondastyles, we believe everyone has the potential to be the best version of themselves. To feel your best, you must look your best and show up as the person you are destined to become. And once you’ve made the decision to step up we at Elondastyles Brand feel you deserve a reward and we are here to give it to you.


As you invest in us, we vow to pour into you by rewarding you with our very own E.M.I. 


To be "EMI NOMINATED" means that we Empower Motivate and/or Inspire you to not only look but most importantly, feel your best, as we understand the two are directly connected.


We offer a motivational vibe like no other brand. We are always dedicated to developing a unique ways to invest in you, and provide a safe community based experience that turns strangers to friends into supportive "framily."


The Elondastyles Brand is where confidence is restored.

Our collections mix function with style, creating eclectic, transitional styles that can be worn in different ways, making you stand out among the rest, as you transition from one setting to the next.


We prepare you to own the room by reminding you of your value, giving you what to wear and even showing you the various ways to wear it as the cherry on top!!


Here at The Elondastyles Brand, we create stylish looks that are uniquely made to  empower women on the move, with the fashion they need for all elements of their life. 

It's not just about fashion - it's about restoring confidence in those who are normally everything for everyone else, leaving themselves last in line.


Our brand is here to pull you to the front of the line, to remind you of who you are, and the importance of investing in yourself!


We are constantly working on unique collections that are focused on putting you at the front, ready to confidently own every room you enter. 

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